iPad’s never had a system integrated Alarm clock since the iPad 1. The iPhone and iPod has an alarm clock but why not the iPad a question that’s left mystified many people including myself why Apple never included an alarm clock on the iPad.

Daft as it might seem but the inclusion of an Alarm Clock for iPads is quite a big thing. Most might see the iPad as a 3rd screen, a device for taking to bed or leaving on the side table so it would make sense it would have an alarm feature before now right?

Sure there are plenty of Alarm apps out there on the app store but where the iOS 7 kills them stone dead is that it’s system integrated meaning you don’t have to leave your iPad unlocked or, even worse, have the app running in the foreground and let it dim the screen.

iOS 7 Alarms

Quite simply the view is gorgeous taking a timelines and calendar approach to the whole time and alarm process.

Snoozing with iOS seven alarms

The ultimate dilemma approaches.

Here’s where I’m most torn about this News feature. On the iPhone you have to hit an exact area to silence the alarm when it goes off. On the iPad you simply have to touch anywhere on the screen Making it less of a mental challenge in the mornings so that’s probably going to lead to me laying in just a little bit to longer than I should should do.

My only concern overall is how is it going to look one or two years down the line? Sure it looks like a big brother called departure know that how long till the design style becomes old and stood ?

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