Twitch.TV Version 2.2 claims to fix the long-standing issues with video playback  As well as letting you choose between different stream types such as the iPhone low, iPhone high, 240p, 360p, 480p or 720p for the best viewing experience.

Also featured on this new update is the wrench icon letting the report any issues with the streams WHEN  they arise.   Hopefully this means that the developers will start listening to the feedback from Apple device users.

In addition to several bug fixes,

  • Chat also works when the iPad is in landscape mode finally!
  • Other fixes include an issue include.
  • Fixing a crash that would occur when the video is lagging.
  • Small rotation and video issues.
  • And other miscellaneous crashes that would infrequently occur.

So far the update seems to be a vast improvement and more importantly gives a level of stability to the application which means it’s finally usable once again. Don’t go thinking that all streams will load as for some unbeknownst reason other streams seem to work better than others. Perhaps this is a caster or a bit rate issue but even with some of the stream is not working Twitch.TV for iOS is once again usable.

To see just how far things have come check out my original for iOS review.

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