It’s been quite a while since we heard from the people over at Back in March they were releasing a hardwood iPhone case but it seems that it all went quiet for a very good reason. Available to pre order now, the Slide 2.0 iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 cases, a premium British Hardwood iPhone case.  An improvement over the original design we were first to go hands on with.

Introducing The Slide V2 for iPhone 5.

A unique and distinctly eqsuite iPhone case, designed and manufactured in the UK. Crafted from British hardwood from ecologically sustainable sources the SLIDE for iPhone 5 protect your phone without sacrificing looks or the environment.

It’s cross multi laminar layering provides extra strength and stability of our wooden cases compared to others.


  • A unique tactile feel exclusive to wood.
  • Available in walnut / maple or maple / walnut (see press pack pictures)
  • Fits better in the hand due to our custom designed top beveled edge
  • Finished by hand : Sanded and Oiled
  • Quality. Each production step has strict quality control
  • Camera hole size optimally designed to reduce flaring

Why a Hardwood iPhone 5 Case?

A lof of cases out there are much of a muchness, a variation upon a theme with no imagination or that sit up and make people notice. You’ve spent good money on a phone that isn’t cheap so why not have something that protects and showcases it.

But I don’t have an iPhone.

Fret not, plans are afoot to cover other handsets after our launch period. Follow our Facebook or Twitter account for news.

The real hook here is that it’s the first case of it’s type to be shipping soon and I mean real soon.  Pre orders are being taken now with orders shipping at the end of October. How it’s different is covered on the Project mu mu Slide V2 fpr iPhone Page.

03 600x320 Slide 2.0 iPhone 5 Case Made From British Hardwood

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