Before I head into a long old rant about this, doesn’t sun refract like this when hitting any clear surface? For example a car window with the sun directly in front will cause a flare will it not?  I use my iPhone 4s exclusively for taking all the pictures at EssentialMac and guess what, if the sun is shining in the wrong / right place you get lense flare.  More often than not a few degrees of movement remove’s the flare.  Lense flare is cool anyways, look at the Transformers movies 😉

Flaring is part and parcel of almost any phone based camera, you can quite easily get a purple flare effect by taking a really badly shot photo.  Here’s one from a Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus Lense Flare Flaregate : Apple has its say on the matter

Here’s some of the dumb ass comments you see in forums these days before people engage their brains.

The sun is shining wrong
Let me guess… it’s not a bug, it’s a feature…
the old, “you’re holding it wrong” excuse
I dont get this on my Samsung

There are a lot more but the idiocy of those forums made my blood boil and it really wasn’t worth reading the rest of those posts.

Now to these people I say, notice those tourists you see everywhere with massive camera, huge lenses and guess what’s almost always on the end of that.  A lense hood. Guess what that’s for.  You guessed it to stop the flaring issue.

Oh and BTW.  even Nasa get’s the Purple Flare “issue”

SED wall 800x600 Flaregate : Apple has its say on the matter


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