A leading mobile phone insurance website in the UK has called for all festival-goers to make sure they protect their handsets with an insurance policy before they go; after 1 in 20 Glastonbury revellers this year saw their phone become lost, stolen or broken.

A study by a leading mobile phone insurance website in the UK has revealed that 1 in 20 Glastonbury festival-goers this year either had their handset become lost, stolen or broken whilst at the event; and so the team behind the site are now warning anyone planning to attend one of the remaining festivals this year to protect their handsets.

www.mobileInsurance.co.uk decided to poll more than 500 UK adults that attended last year’s Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, after noting a number of festival-goers getting into contact to make a claim. The survey aimed to discover how many people had become victims of phone theft whilst at the festival, or who had broken their phone or lost a handset whilst at the event.

All respondents to the poll had taken their handset to the festival with them and all the Glastonbury-goers were asked if their phone had become lost, broken or been stolen when they were there. 1 in 20, 5%, of the respondents said ‘yes’; with 53% saying they’d broken their handset, 39% claiming they lost their phone and the remaining 8% saying it had become stolen.

MobileInsurance.co.uk also today released an infographic, based on a separate poll the site carried out, in order to highlight various facts about mobile phones at festivals.

festivalinfo Why Mobile Phone Insurance Might Be A Good Idea At Glastonbury

With these Glastonbury statistics in mind, the team at mobileinsurance.co.uk are warning all Britons still planning to go to a festival this year, such as V Festival this weekend, to ensure their handset is protected, not only with an insurance policy but also by being vigilant and using common sense.

The majority of all phone thefts in the UK are classified as ‘other personal theft’ where the phone was not on the person at the time it was stolen. This type of theft is not usually covered by an insurance policy, because the owner left their handset out of sight and more vulnerable to theft. Therefore, festival goers should ensure their handset is not left in their tent, or on a bar or table whilst they aren’t looking.

Jason Brockman, Director at MobileInsurance.co.uk, said the following:

“Mobile phone policies can only go so far in protecting handsets for owners, but the rest is down to common sense and being alert. You can leave your phone somewhere unattended in a busy environment and expect it to still be there when you get back, nor can you expect your mobile phone insurer to fork out for a replacement.

Going on to say with Mobile Insurance

“If your phone is accidentally damaged, you’ll normally be covered, but you need to read terms and conditions of a policy to know what you’re not covered for. With peak festival season now upon us, we just want people to know that it’s really important to get your phone insured and do your best to keep it safe whilst it’s with you at the event. If you can bear it, leave your handset at home!”

awards button Why Mobile Phone Insurance Might Be A Good Idea At GlastonburyMobileInsurance.co.uk offers full iPhone, or any other phone for that matter, insurance which includes the following.

  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised Calls
  • Breakdown Worldwide cover for up to 90 days – See more at  MobileInsurance.co.uk

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