Summer has arrived upon us and that means the start of the picnic, barbecue, chips to the beach, garden parties etc etc so what better time to think about getting a set of portable Bluetooth speakers such as the Nakamichi NBS10.

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a set of these to review and our first impressions are quite promising.

Of course you can use these speakers for your desktop as it does have an auxiliary ports but the main point of the speakers is that they are Bluetooth and rechargeable. I’m sure most of us have been in a situation where somebody has put the iPhone. Into loudspeaker mode to try and supply some music and let’s face it the internal speaker is Wimpy at best.

Granted 2w of audio output might not sound a lot but considers that you have two of these you won’t be craning your neck to listen to the music.

One incredibly handy feature is that you won’t need to carry around both sets of speakers with you. If you wish you can simply connect to either one of the speakers independently or use them in unison for stereo sound.

Nakamichi NBS10 specifications.

  • Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
  • Wireless Stereo with 3D Sound Effect
  • žUltra Bass
  • žBluetooth Supporting A2DP
  • Output Power : 2W x 2
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • 3.5mm Aux-in Jack for connection to other Music Device
  • Wireless Working Distance : 10 meters
  • Play Time : Up to 7 hours
  • Dimension : 90 x 90 x 90(mm)
  • Weight : 560g

Some might baulk At the thought of the speakers only having a 10 meter range but in my testing it appears to be a rocksolid connection working incredibly well through the thick stone walls of my home.

Nakamichi NBS10 instructions?

H speaker has independent Bluetooth pairing abilities which is great however that does mean you have to pay the speakers to each other and then to your computer to get stereo sound and this is where I get to the first issue I’ve had so far whilst reviewing Nakamichi NBS10’s.

The instructions simply don’t make that much sense, take a look at the image below

20140703 204057 74457675 First Look: Nakamichi NBS10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The good news is I did manage to figure it out eventually and I’ll outline the process clearly in the review for anyone looking for help.

Right now, apart from the “engrish” instructions, these are shaping up to be a very capable set of Bluetooth portable speakers. Check back soon for the full review.


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