Way back in episode 1 of the Rampant Mumblings podcast it was all about the Fitbit Charge HR. A nice device even if the charging cable is too small, way over priced and properietry. So it’s sort of fitting that for the 50th episode I share why I intensly dislike the Garmin Vivo Active in a mini review.

Garmins Vivo Active goes up again the Tom Tom Spark with heart rate monitor and of course the Apple Watch.  Just a shame it’s too easy to loose a workout with the Garmin, no matter how decent the battery life claims to be.

Nemo’s Hardware store is back again (16m)

First review is for the WinnerGear Mic Flip Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable. Finally a decent USB cable where you dont have to look at what way to plug it in.

Other mentions.

  • Life hack. Just get rid of the stuff you dont use. Dont sell it just donate it or give it away.
  • The Honourable Woman (Netflix)
  • Magic City (Netflix)
  • Ray Donovan (ShowTime)
  • Top Of the Lake

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