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With the evolution of camera technology on digital devices, photos have become one of the most storage-consuming components. More often, we capture multiple copies of a single object, and it keeps eating up storage till you delete it permanently. However, there are times when you delete an image accidentally and want to restore it later.

Based on the device and the operating system you use, recovering deleted data, including images, takes consideration. You need to learn how to retrieve deleted photos on iPad or other digital devices and store them carefully. In this article, we will learn the ways to recover deleted photos on an iPad, whether you have deleted them accidentally or intentionally.

Recover Photos From iCloud

Using the iCloud web interface is best when you want to restore photos stored in an iCloud-backed folder. To start this process, open your browser and visit the iCloud website. Sign in by entering your valid Apple ID and password.

Choose Settings and select Restore Files under the Advanced option. Find the required photo or file in the list of files. Tick the box next to that file and click the Restore button.

Restore From Photos App

The recently deleted photos remain in the Photos App for 30 days. So, if you want to recover the deleted image within 30 days, use the Recently Deleted album. Open this app and select Albums. Scroll down and pick the Recently Deleted album.

Locate and select the image you want to recover. Choose Recover and then click on the Recover Photo button. You can also recover other deleted files or print documents from the iPad with this method. Consider learning how to print from iPad if you want to make even more out of your device.

Retrieve Deleted Images From iCloud

MacPaw 2 How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on iPad: 7 Methods

Before using this method, ensure you have set up and turned on iCloud Backup. The backups for Photo Library must be enabled under Choose Data To Back Up. For photo retrieval, open Settings and click General on the iPad.

Click Reset and then press Erase All Content and Settings. Click Erase Now and enter your device password. Once the reset process gets completed, set up your device again by selecting Restore from iCloud Backup.

Recover Deleted Photos With iTunes

Wondering how to retrieve deleted photos on iPad using iTunes? This is similar to iCloud Backup. The only difference is that iPad backup made on Mac is used instead of iCloud. To restore removed images from iPad backup using PC, open Settings.

Click your Apple ID banner and tap Find My app. Click Find My iPhone/iPad and turn off Find my iPhone or iPad. Connect iPad to Mac, open Finder, and tap your device name. Now, hit Restore Backup.

Retrieve Files From iCloud.com

You can get back your removed photos from your iPad on iCloud.com. But, it would be possible to recover deleted images within the retention period of 40 days. The main drawback is that this method works only when data syncing is activated on your iPad.

To start the recovery process, sign in to your account on the iCloud website. Now, click on Photos. Hit the Recently Deleted option. Choose the image and click Recover. This method works effectively if you are trying to recover iPad photos on Mac using the cloud drive.

Recover Images Using Professional App

Apart from the methods mentioned above, you can use third-party apps or software. There are multiple programs specifically designed to recover deleted photos on Mac and Windows. Most of them offer paid photo recovery for iPad.

Hence, before purchasing a license and using any software, thoroughly check it. Determine its reliability by checking reviews and ratings. Make sure it provides a preview of the photos before recovery.

Unhide Photos on iPad

MacPaw 3 How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on iPad: 7 Methods

Sometimes the images on your iPad are not deleted, but they are stored in hidden mode. When you want to get it back, simply unhide it. Open the Photos App and choose Albums. Click on the Hidden button and find the image you want.

Select the image and then choose the Menu icon at the bottom. At last, click the Unhide button. Once you do that, the hidden image will appear in the Photos App again. This will help you unhide the hidden photos on your latest iPad device.

Why Are Backups Important?

If you can’t find the deleted photos in the recently deleted album, you may have permanently removed them. To get permanently deleted photos back, extract the backup files. It would be possible only when you have backed up your iPad to iCloud or iTunes.

Losing data or accidentally deleting favorite files and valuable images can be annoying. To avoid such situations, make sure to back up your data on a regular basis. Based on your budget and other preferences, you can back up data to an external SSD or move it to iCloud.

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