ALL UK Isp’s have been ordered to block access to a list of 21 pirate sites, comprising mainly of popular torrent sites.  Thankfully you can get around this but it’s a worrying trend that likely going to result in some form of internet monitoring, if via the back door.

So far Virgin Media and BT have agreed to block access to the following sites.
The full list of sites that must be blocked is:

  • Abmp3
  • BeeMP3
  • Bomb-MP3
  • eMP3world
  • FileCrop
  • FilesTube
  • MP3Juices
  • MP3lemon
  • MP3Raid
  • MP3skull
  • NewAlbumReleases
  • RapidLibrary
  • 1337x
  • BitSnoop
  • ExtraTorrent
  • Monova
  • TorrentCrazy
  • TorrentDownloads
  • TorrentHound
  • TorrentReactor
  • Torrentz

Google have already taken steps to remove .torrent files from appearing in search results.  This news comes as a massive win for the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

Just because you can’t access those sites (via the standard way) doesn’t mean you can’t still use torrents when you have the file already within your torrent client of choice.

How To Access Torrent Sites In The UK.

There are a few options. The most popular ways are via a VPN which makes your ISP think you are in a different part of the world from where you actually are. Here’s a couple that we’ve tried and tested on a daily basis.


Instead of pirating why not use Hulu Plus or Netflix if TV shows and movies are your choice. Granted Netflix might not have the latest season of everything, Hulu still has adverts but at least it’s easy and legal….ish. (review)


Recently reviewed HideIPVPN gives you a seamless way to access services based in different countries at a reasonable price as well. (review)


In review right now. Even comes with it’s own iPhone app to get you a secure VPN connection on the move. Supports Amazon USA, UK, Netflix countries etc etc

Other Ways:

Consider newsgroups as they require a little bit more work and aren’t as easy but with a massive pay off in terms of speed.  Rarely capped you’ll find that downloading from a decent newsgroup server will max out your connection.   The downside is you need to become familiar with .PAR files and find yourself a decent site to get you started.

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