Bluetooth headphones that sound half decent seem to be something of a holy grail. After the shambolic performance of the 100 quid Jabra units that’s put me off wireless headphones for life.  However these SPBeat9 Wireless Bluetooth headphones look ok. The SPBEAT9 headphones are from the people at TRNDlabs via Stacksocial. The total cost of these $24 including shipping. As long as these sound at least “ok”, are loud enough to hear and are reliable enough then this could be the most worthwhile set of headphones around.

When these arrive, 2 – 3 weeks shipping time, not bad given the high demand for these, i’ll be putting them through their paces running, cycling and dog walking.  Why dog walking?  When you have 2 excitable dogs with 2 leads you end up snagging headphone cord more often than you care to like.

 $24 Active Wrap SPBEAT9 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review

Here’s a quick summary from the review page for the Active Wrap Headphones: No Wires. No Noise. Just Music stacksocial page This is definitely $24 worth of headphones. If you are looking for audiophile quality, look elsewhere. Got mine a couple of days ago. Sound Quality: Clear, loud enough, but lacking on the low-end. Reliability: Works good so far, but I’m experiencing occasional (6-10 times per hour) drop-outs, speed-ups in audio and glitchiness.

Compatibility: was able to pair with my Mac and my iPhone, and have used with both without too much hassle. Good.

Call quality: Good.

Comfort: Pretty good for a stiff plastic dealie. There is no adjustability here, no included fit options (i.e. different sized ear pieces).

I was surprised at how long I could wear these without discomfort.

Interface: charges quickly, plays for the number of hours they say.

It was worth a gamble for under $25.

Overall – they are OK and if I’m patient with them they suffice. Can’t complain for the price, but these will not likely be my last pair of BT headphones. I’m ready for the upgrade given just the liberation from wires that these bring.

 $24 Active Wrap SPBEAT9 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review

SPBEAT9 Specifications: – Color: Black – Material: ABS + Silicone – Size: 5.4 inches (13.7cm / 137mm) – Bluetooth Version: V3.0 + EDR – Music Playing Time: 8 hours – Talking Time: 10 hours – Operating Range: 30 feet (10 meters) – Charging Time: 1-2hours – Frequency: 10-20000 Hertz – Sound: Mono – Weight: 0.17lbs (0.08kg / 80g)

Finally the headphones have arrived.

So cutting to the chase the most obvious question is that for $29 on these headphones any good? The answer is. Barely.

Any price point the one thing you do expect from a set of headphones is some basic comforts. these are the first headphones that I’ve been sent in the longest while that don’t have a justable earbuds to suit the size of your ear canal.

This is exasperated somewhat by the construction of the headphones. these really are injection moulded and produced from an assembly line which has the obvious advantage of keeping costs down but the material used is incredibly rigid and doesn’t give much in the way of flex and sway.

This lack of flexibility has given me to come for options when wearing these headphones, barely comfortable or extremely uncomfortable with pretty much no middle ground between the two.

Ido you want the headphones to page or target seems to be the middle grains for fitting.

This is further exacerbated by the headphone all this being square instead of did when they go over your ears. Okay so it might be rounded off but with the pressure applied you start to feel every scene and joints on the headphones

On the upside these things are incredibly light and is during a cycle all running you don’t feel Bob dying and of course you have the ultimate advantage of being wireless.

I was on a recent cycle I was glad not to have to worry about cable tugging or it riding up underneath my base layers that because the driving unit do you protrude out of your is going into in headwind was deafening. A simple fix on wearing a hat seems sold out and I find that if you wear a heart in just the right way it makes it less uncomfortable when the headphones do you start a pinch, which they will.

Sound quality.

Perhaps it was because I couldn’t get them to fits just right that everything felt like it needed to be a Touchlite order volumise until I realised my iPhone had no more volume to give. Overcasts booster function did help with this.

If you’re in a fairly quiet environment then these will do but if you’re travelling down the road and you have a car that does the average job of dampening road noise then you might find yourself struggling a little bit volumise.

Are you might have guessed for this money the actual sound quality does leave a little bit to be desired. The good news is that everything is fairly clear otherwise the Lozen highs aren’t not muddled it’s hard to be disappointed with the sound quality especially given this price point.

These headphones are absolutely ideal for listening to audiobooks and definitely prefer the spoken word to any complex songs you might have. of course being Bluetooth it does it’s best to use the adopted bit rate to its ability but as always the s’s are compressed and sound more like a shhh than a s.

Down in the bottom end there is just abase to stop everything sounding hollow but at least at maximum volume it doesn’t blow out.

The microphone.

No matter what angle I tried to wear these headphones out, no matter how careful I was at positioning them every phone call sounded muffled. If you were going to use these for dictation or to interact with Siri, forget about it!I had better results of voice recognition in my car and using my iPhone in hands-free mode than I did with these headphones.

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