It’s here, finally the moment that some fanboys have been waiting for and for the apple haters to take a step back. Yes flash has arrived on the iPad…sort of..

Flash On Ipad1 Adobe Flash Now Supported on iPads (sort of)

The folks over at Adobe have just released Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5.  It’s server side based so you are at the mercy of your flash based website to update their software but at last iPad owners can get in  on the flash video action.

As we keep saying “sort of’ you wont be playing flash games any time soon or watching animations but it will allow you to watch streaming video through Apple’s format, HTTP Live Streaming.

A definite step in the right direction.

Update – 15th September

So has anybody noticed any of their usual sites now suddenly working in Flash? Is anyone wondering how long the uptake will be before we see some of the more popular sites of updating their software.

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