Affinity Photo is a steal at this price! In honour of being App of the Year they are having a “flash sale” of Affinity Photo for iPad. Affinity has a Vimeo Channel with loads of helpful tutorials too.

If you know anyone with a new enough iPad, you can work with Apple to gift the app to them. Gift it and pay for it, and Apple will send the gifted app (and you can even send it at a later date – like Christmas).

To buy as a gift, find the app in the app store on an iPad, open the page for it, click on the circle on the right with the three dots, and choose “Gift”:

Send Affinity Designer as a gift Affinity Photo goes on sale for £9.99 UK / $9.99 US / $13.99 CAD!

Then edit as desired. To change the date to be sent, click on “Today” at the bottom to bring up a calendar:

Send Affinity Designer as a gift1 Affinity Photo goes on sale for £9.99 UK / $9.99 US / $13.99 CAD!

Affinity Photo is available for iPad only on the App Store. Quick heads up though, make sure to get it while the flash sale lasts!

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