Apple announced today their official guidelines for screen protectors for the iPhone 6s series. If you are looking for a great screen protector Cinder, The Worlds First Curved Glass Screen Protector is highly recommended.

“Apple’s design guidelines for iPhone cases say any screen overlay must be electrically conductive, must not exceed 0.3mm in thickness, and must not introduce air gaps between the touchscreen.”

You can take a look at the design manual for yourself via; and hunt for the section

2.8.1 Overlay

If a case design requires the Apple device’s touchscreen to be covered with an overlay, the overlay must not:

  • exceed 0.3 mm in thickness
  • introduce air gaps between the touchscreen and overlay
  • be electrically conductive

CINDER is the only available glass-made curved screen protection to comply to these guidelines. Cupert Technology

Cinder isn’t made from Gorilla Glass

Thanks to a MyMac reader for pointing this one out. Since the time of publishing it’s been proved that Cinder, the worlds first curved screen protector is NOT made from Gorilla Glass.

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