The last of the big shopping days on the calendar is behind us for 2015 and once again it appears to have been a big day for Apple. For whatever reason.

Barons at Adobe looking at numbers for cyber Monday, which is not nearly as sexy as it sounds. According the company Apple had two devices out of the top five for electronics sold on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Running down the list for key TVs were tops Microsoft’s Xbox was second, Apple’s iPad mini was third, Apple’s iPad air to was fourth and Sony’s PS4 rounded out the top five.
There was one other point of interest around cyber Monday sales. While numbers seem to of been all over the map at least a couple of pieces pointed out that shopping on cell phones versus tablets was up this year versus years passed.

Barons at Adobe saying mobile accounted for 49% of cyber Monday shopping visits, 38% smart phones, 11% tablets resulting in 28% of online sales, 17% smart phones, 11% tablets.

Another piece I read someplace and I’m sorry I can’t find where I lost it but another piece I read someplace said that that was a switch from years past.

That piece credited the switch to a number of factors those included larger screen phones, retail sites made with mobile phones, in mind and simply a growing comfort with shopping on smaller devices.

There’s still time to Grab A CyberMonday Bargain, even if it is well past that with our continually updated post.

Incidentally Apple watches on Amazon can now be picked up with substantial discounts over purchasing a new one. In the USA discounts of $50 are to be had on the Sport Watch and in the UK as well.

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