China Times is jumping on the iPhone 5s and cheaper iPhone bandwaggon. “Apple is tentatively scheduled to launch three new mobile phones, two models listed tentative name iPhone 5s and iPhone Math will be around the end of June, including a mining 4 inch panel”

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Apple phone must land big counter-offensive, the industry pointed out that, led by “Californian” models iPhone new machine (tentative name the iPhone 5s and the iPhone the Math) leader, will be in June, the official launch of the new aircraft MasterCard are all, including a screen more than 4.8 ” iPhone’s first large-size smartphone has become the key to Apple’s reproduction glorious.

Listed warm-up for the first half of Apple’s new machine, the upstream supply chain, including panel, soft plate and the lens has a small ship, estimated in March into the peak shipping period, the assembly plant is estimated to begin production in late April, Apple The second quarter is expected of the supply chain is not short off the business cycle to break over the years, five to six absolutely poor.

The biggest winner of the new Apple machines still Foxconn family-based, full preparing for the family of Hon Hai, Hon Hai scored nine foundry orders Largan camera lens factory won the main 800 million orders, Kanto and jade crystal light also won the part orders; Regarding PCB FPC, Fujikura, Japan, Taiwan, County and F-Pottinger eating orders, mold components from Foxconn and Valley Song won stamping parts and plastic parts Mould orders.

  In addition, Cheng Uei still connector suppliers, Delta is the power supply supplier Hon Hai family MTI will enter the 4G telecommunications end opportunities, Guangyu also continue to expand in both Apple store layout, large grab the Apple business opportunities.

  Apple’s MacWorld conference has been scheduled to be held on January 31-February 2, major international events for the Mac OS, industry insiders forecast that Apple’s new machine message will be gradually exposed, and about to debut with the MWC Samsung S4 and Commander.

  As for the latter two models of the new machine will debut at the 6 month of Apple before and after the annual meeting of the global software developer and synchronize sales this year Apple machine sea tactics wave after wave of staged.

  It is understood that this year, Apple is tentatively scheduled to launch three new mobile phones, two models listed tentative name iPhone 5s and iPhone Math will be around the end of June, including a mining 4 inch panel, another more than 4.8-inch size, In addition, the third paragraph outside type not yet estimate of the exposure of the new machine came out during the Christmas season. The preceding two camera pixels remained at 800 million, by the end of the new models have the opportunity to challenge the 12 million pixel camera.

  , ITV also determined to come out before the end of the year, industry preliminary estimates, Apple this year without tablet and NB that four planes volley, estimated with the future launch of tablet and NB successor launched this year, Apple 3C plus TV product should – 8 new products unveiled.

  Apple CEO Cook before the second mainland trips, who are interested in expanding the iPhone, the layout of the mainland market, outside estimate, the second the mainland, and also intends to advance opportunities for iTV digital convergence advance card bit. The industry pointed observation in accordance with the the Apple internal components plant annual shipment orders, Apple this year its goal of 3C products remained high angle growth, and last year’s fourth quarter sales higher than the market forecast, estimated before the end of this year, handheld phones and tablet PCs is still dominated by confrontation between Apple and Samsung.

(Source: Commercial Times ─ reporter LIU Jia-Xi / Taipei)

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