Another two hour long event but from the newly crowned and somewhat emotional Steve Jobs Theatre. Tim cook signed off with a visible lump in this throat when talking about Steve but not before a whole host of reveals.

Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular

Which gives users the ability to go anywhere they want with or without their iPphone.

Apple TV 4k

Bringing the magic of the cinema straight to your living room with incredible 4k and HDR. Side note I wonder if Homepod will connect up somehow to the Apple TV? Seems a waste to have an awesome picture yet still have to deal with crappy sound from a TV’s speakers.

iPhone 8

A beautiful glass design, incredible cameras, Qi “wireless charging”, A11 bionic chip and of course, powerful AR capabilities.

iPhone X

The most advanced iPhone ever made. Another side note, not the most advanced phone ever made but the most advanced phone Apple have made. An incredible new design, face ID, True Depth Camera system and more powerful technologies than Apple has ever put in an iPhone before. It really is the future of the Smartphone.

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