It has been the rumour that keeps on giving that Apple might do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of lightning connectors. Theres no need to wait with the Audeze EL-8 costing a full $799.95 with the world’s first fully-integrated Lightning cable. So the manufacturers say.

It you think that price might be classed as a bit steep, check out the Amazon listing, which has them down at a whopping


The EL-8 model gives you a lifelike listening experience with an extended frequency response that opens up a new breadth of sound. Its driver is four times larger than most other headphones and gives excellent bass response along with extremely low distortion. To match the EL-8’s impressive audio, its industrial design is by BMW’s DesignWorks. And durable aluminum construction ensures that you’ll have lasting enjoyment.

You can find out more information via Theres no mention if there is a pass through to allow charging whilst listening to some tunes.

Over on the Rampant Mumblings Episode 58 podcast I think removing the 3.5mm jack is worthwhile as long as it bring something new and not just change for changes sake.

3.5mm headphones could still be used with a Apple stlyed design magsafe style connector.

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