Getting the above picture. Then you aren’t alone. From synchronous language translators in the background to drop outs, this hasn’t been Apples slickest streaming moment.

The stream went live 10 minutes before the actual event but as the clock ticked down to the actual meaty part of the presentation that’s when things started to go awry.

First of all there was the simulatious chinese mandarin translater that could be heard in the back ground.
Next the stream would freeze or pause, even on a meaty internet connection that i’d especially sought out just for this even.

There were even times during the stream where parts would loop over and over as if the stream was adjusting for adaptive bit rates.

Worst of all the stream would die right at the moment of any major announcements. Given the scope, hype and interest in this particular keynote it’s not hard to see why Apple’s streaming efforts would have buckled. It’s just a shame it happened today.

But at least we got this..

1410356708 thumb Apple Live Event Stream Plagued With Playback Issues

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