Is this Apple reacting or wising up by doing this?  Even tho a new iPhone is still some time away, phone carriers are subsiding the handset cost and now Apple are matching carrier offers.

It doesn’t mention if you have to take the carrier contract at the same time but it’s doubtful a sim free iPhone is going to drop in price anytime soon.  So is this a smart move by Apple or a touch reactionary?  Other manufacturers push hard with bonus for selling certain handsets.  It’s pretty much public knowledge Microsoft / Nokia offering huge bonus incentives to entice customers into purchasing a Nokia handset.

Even devout Android users have noticed “sales people” using outright damn lies to steer people away from the iPhone.  I’ve personally done a mystery shopper test myself in all of the major uk phone chains and never once was I sold an iPhone.  I had to ask for one, questioned in a manner to steer me away.


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