Yet another class action law suite is being pushed on Apple. This time it’s an issue with text messages and imessages for people moving from iPhones to other phones

The problems a bit convoluted. Basically if your friend has your phone number in their iPhone as an iPhone number, messages that they send to you are converted to imessages and sent to your Apple ID. Whe you get rid of your iPhone though and go to another mobile OS your friends phone doesn’t know that so it’s still converting the text message to an imessage and sending it to that old and perhaps unused Apple ID.

Of course all this means you’re not getting what they are sending and now Apples getting sued over that hence the “whole well this didn’t take long thing”.

Bloomberg says a woman has filed suit in San Jose according to the report the text messaging lawsuit which seeks class-action status and undetermined damages, claims Apple failed to disclose that switching to a device other than one running Apple’s iOS operating system would result in the interference.

The suit is based on contractual interference and unfair competition laws Apple declined to comment for the Bloomberg report.

My Thoughts, You could argue that Apple doesn’t claim that iMessage is cross platform compatible but what if, and I mean if, iMessage did go cross platform would it be a game changer or has WhatsApp et all cornered the market now?

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