The Apple TV certainly seems to be gaining a full head of steam recently. It wasn’t so long ago that the WWE released its own “channel” and today Fox Now and CNBC have joined the lineup.

It’s not entirely good news as you have to be a cable subscriber to get full access to shows like Cosmos, 24: Live Another Day, live CNBC content, and more.

if you don’t have a cable subscription or like me you use something like UnoTelly or HideIPVPN to watch content that is not normally available unless you’re in that countries native area then you are flat out of luck. Without a cable subscription, viewers can watch partial seasons for some shows, or show segments in the case of CNBC. Logging in with your cable credentials unlocks all of the available content.

Apple TV owners don’t need to do anything to see the new channels on their home screen because they appeared automatically this morning.

It does make you wonder how long cable boxes are going to be in this world for. Let’s hope this is a small tentative experiment that becomes a success and spurs other channels to come to the Apple TV.

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