Apple has updated GarageBand for Mac. Mostly the update seems to be about making the desktop play more nicely with Apple’s portable devices, or vice versa.

According to the release notes, the GarageBand revision:

  • Updates compatibility with GarageBand for iOS and Live Loops projects
  • Opens Music Memos projects
  • Supports Logic Remote for iPhone and iPad Pro
  • Adds over 2,600 new Apple Loops and sounds
  • Improved reliability when downloading additional content
  • Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility

Also issued a minor update for MainStage 3. It’s a stability and performance update, which sounds like something a lot of musicians could use.

Recently I tried going back to Garageband for podcasting especially since coming across an article on how to make your podcasts sound better with Garageband. For whatever reason when applying compression things just don’t sound any different.

Other alternatives also worth considering is the rather badly named Hindenburg, Reaper and Adobe audition.

Hindenburg has one great feature alongside multi track recording and auto levelling included. It is almost amongst the easiest of them all to get started.

Reaper is a very accomplished digital audio workstation yet does have a steep learning level and whilst I haven’t spent much time with Adobe audition I hear great things about it.

Garageband working with music memo’s might bring me back to using it for some basic podcasting but that all depends on just how well noise gates work and can I do with out the ability to drop a marker when recording.

If you podcast with GB get in touch below with any hints and tips.


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