Argos is one of the few high street stores to survice the recession and today they announced they plan to replace Catalogues with iPads for browsing and ordering. Fast Trak collection points will also be available for those using iPads and online shopping.

For those not familiar with the Argos experience it’s something like this. Walk in and wade through a several thousand page catalogue for the item you are after.

Old Style Argos Shopping Argos Says Goodbye To Traditional Catalogues, Replaces With iPads

  • Each item has a 6 digit code that you then enter onto a number pad which then tells you if it’s in stock or available for delivery.
  • If you’d like to order you then find a pen, grab an ordering slip and write down the information.
  • Finally take said information to a paypoint, enter the code and pay
  • Walk to the delivery area and wait for your number, collect and sign for your items

With the new systems customers can check stock and order right there and then. It’ll also mimick the web experience to give a fuller and more familiar experience across devices.

New Argos iPad Shopping Argos Says Goodbye To Traditional Catalogues, Replaces With iPads

John Walden, Managing Director of Argos, said:

“We are early in our ambitious plan to transform Argos into a digital retail leader. We are seeking to reposition our stores to support a digital future – in which digital channels are the primary interface for customers, but stores continue to be critically important as a national network for product collection, and a local presence for local colleagues to provide customer service.”

Argos said 40 percent of its sales come from digital channels, with revenue from smartphones and tablets accounting for 16 percent.

If you’re a traditionalist who likes the laminated catalogues, which Bill Bailey said is to “catch the tears of joy”, then the digital stores are only popping up a select few locations.

Old Street, Marble Arch, Old Kent Road and Chancery Lane stores will all be transformed while Colchester and Dunfermline will be new store locations.

A Use for iBeacon

It’s not hard to imagine Argos using iBeacon for those who have shopped on iDevices. ¬†Imagine driving into town on the day of collection and as you enter the store iBeacon notifies the store as you walk in so they can start preparing your item for collection before you queue up.

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