Not content with rumours of there being 2 sizes of iPhone, there’s now going to be 2 sizes of the iWatch, of which we have yet to see any decent leaks, according to “sources familiar with the matter”

The iOS-powered wearable will feature a range of biometric sensors and a flexible sapphire screen, The New York Times’ sources claim. The iWatch is also said to include a mobile payments service, mapping capabilities, wireless charging and the power to perform mobile computing tasks.

Apple is tipped to announce the iWatch alongside its new iPhone hardware next Tuesday (September 9), but reports suggest that the product will not be hitting shelves until next year.

The launch of the iWatch would mark Apple’s first stride into a new product category under current CEO Tim Cook, and its first original device since the first-gen iPad.

“I believe it’s going to be historic,

 said Creative Strategies consumer technology analyst Tim Bajarin. “The design of this product is all Tim’s fingerprints.”

Apple is yet to officially announce the iWatch.

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