Recently I’ve been embracing the paperless way of life whenever possible. I’m on-line for filling out time sheets, saving copies of bank statements for my account manager and numerous other tasks, most of which are performed using the rather excellent Scanner from Readable. Now Dropbox have gone ahead and added a scanning feature to their latest iOS update to make like easier.

The new feature isn’t exactly glaring in your face on running the app, instead making itself known when in the photos section of Dropbox, tapping the + button.

Like most scanning apps worth their salt, border detection is quick to recognise the outline of your document and conversion from the image to black and white in this example was darn near instantaneous.

There’s not much in terms of editing features but you can adjust the contrast or select from 1 of 3 including a whiteboard mode which I’m looking forward to testing at work.

Dropbox scanning is purely a scanning application with no OCR features, edge cropping or any real advanced settings instead focusing on quick detection, snapping and online saving of your images.

For heavier scanning duties Scanner from Readdle still wins for me and integrates with Dropbox but in this is still a worth addition within a frequently used app.

Dropbox is free from the app store.

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