Sure there are plenty of Bluetooth speakers on the market but not like the Edifier Rave MP700 which contains bluetooth 4.0 and NFC so you don’t have to pair your speakers all the darn time.

From the press release:

Take your music with you anywhere you go. The RAVE MP700 is Edifier’s stylish entry into the world of premium portables. The custom designed grill inspired by Moroccan trellis patterns in an elegant pitch black extrusion makes the RAVE a formidable speaker system to today’s upwardly mobile lifestyle.

Edifier’s RAVE MP700 produces clear, strong music with the built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) & Dynamic Range Control (DRC). Whatever the music genre, Classical to Rock, Pop to Indie, the sound is balanced and uncompromised.

Connection is easy! Listen to music on the portable Edifier MP700 from any device. Simply connect with Bluetooth 4.0 to stream your favourite music. Experience it louder and clearer than before. Designed with NFC (Near Field Communication), you won’t have to sync your device every time you want to listen to music. Just turn on Bluetooth on your phone and tap it to the MP700 to re- sync.

Edifier Rave MP700 Edifier Rave MP700 Speakers Bluetooth4.0 and NFC

Play continuous music for up to 8 hours with this portable unit and when power is low easily recharge the lithium-ion battery to continue the fun. The Rave MP 700 is a stylish speaker- smaller than your purse – which produces 36 watts of amazing sound for your adventures.
Available now MSRP £199.99 inc


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