SnapDragon Cpu Sponsored Video : Snapdragon Power Sipping Processors

A refreshing take on battery life and power from the folks at Qualcomm featuring their range of Snapdragon processors. I especially like the Qualcomm Bug Circus Generator video. Nice to see some of the big companies out there showing a sense of humour.

For those not familiar with the Snapdragon processor range, it’s starting to power a lot of the major phone manufactures handsets these days. This is all thanks to the unique low oem cost of their system on a chip (SoC) abilities.

You might be more aware of the name now more than ever from last years CES where windows 8 on a tablet was shown running with a Snapdragon SoC.


Wondering what phones have the Snapdragon chipset in them? Take a look at the specs for the HTC One S – The first smartphone to be powered by the Snapdragon S3, Microsofts Flagship Lumia 900 and HTC EVO 4G LTE featuring a Snapdragon S4 Processor.

You have to admire any company that keeps their product naming strategy nice and simple, in the case of Qualcom going from S1 to S4 with higher numbers representing more capabilities.


Who doesn’t like to see an insect on the worlds smallest bike 🙂 but does push home the serious message that all smartphone owners covet, do more and charge less.

Heat isn’t something gadget users always worry about. However, there are circumstances when a mobile device will heat up significantly, say, when you’re playing a 3D intensive game, chatting with video enabled, or watching an HD movie continuously for long periods of time. That’s when key technological advances in a mobile processor really come into play.

The Snapdragon S4 processor pays careful consideration to thermal efficiency, especially when running intensive applications such as the ones mentioned above.

After you’ve done checking out the above videos why not head over to the Qualcomm website and see why some of the biggest handset makers are embracing this chipset.

This post has been sponsored by Qualcomm.

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