BRITAIN’S first 4G mobilephone network promises speeds five times faster than 3G but some users say it is too SLOW.
People in 11 UK cities have had access to 4G since Tuesday. It is supposed to vastly improve down load speeds and streaming. But BBC technology, correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, one of the first to test the network, warned:

 “There is worrying evidence that the speed and extent is oversold.”

So I took to the streets to test a 4G phone yesterday. Here are the results:


The 4G was an amazing 18 times faster than the 3G signal. Download speed was 36.2Mbps, with 3G 2.7Mbps.


Neither 4G nor 3G worked in a lift at The Sun’s East London HQ.


When I caught up with EastEnders over a coffee, 4G streamed without
any buffering and was razor-sharp quality. Download speed for 4G was 13.2Mbps, while for 3G it was 1.8Mbps.


Both networks took a minute to download the Twitter app. But a song from iTunes downloaded like lightning on 4G. The signal was patchy. Download speed on 4G was 7.3Mbps. On 3G 1.8Mbps


I took a picture of a dress and tried to share it with friends but 4G did not work. I could order my size on the shop’s website with 3G but not on 4G. It has serious problems indoors.
I found the new network has annoying teething troubles. But 4G is brilliant for
downloading super quality content fast The service is operated by EE, which
owns Orange and T-Mobile.

But fast speeds come at a price start at £36 per month with 500mb of data included. That would allow you to download around 2 hour long shows from the BBC.
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— Great reporting by the sun there (sigh) who dont mention what network they were using 3g on.  A lot of provders cap the speed at 1.8mbps which is more than fine for streaming shows etc.

sun reviews EE 198x440 EE 4g Service Speed Sketchy At Best

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