Everything Everywhere Header 1 EveryThing Everywhere Rebrands as EE, 1/3rd Of UK to Go 4G Before Christmas

Everything Everywhere which is made up of Orange and T-mobile has announced a new 4g network for the UK to be called EE. Rolling out 4G to 16 cities covering a third of the UK by Christmas.

According to sources “Existing customers on the Orange and T Mobile network will slowly start to see thier phone signal indicators change to EE as the roll out occurs.”

EE is the name of our new business, the new name of our network and the name of the new superfast brand  that we will be launching in the coming weeks.

We created quite a buzz when we told you about our plans a couple of weeks ago.  now I can tell you the whole story.

Very soon we will be launching our new brand – a brand born in the digital age, designed to serve both consumers and businesses – and the only one in the UK that can offer superfast 4G mobile services aswell as fibre for homes and offices

and then on to state

We will have over 700 stores – more than any other operator – and our new brand will stand alongside Orange and T-Mobile offering mobile services to people who want superfast speeds on their mobile and in their homes and offices.

Our new superfast customer brand
EE is our superfast customer brand, and we are planning to launch our 4G service in 16 cities by Christmas. That’s 20 million people – a third of the population – who will soon be able to:

  • Access the web on the go without waiting
  • Download high-definition movies in minutes
  • Watch live TV on the move without buffering
  • Play live multi-player games on the go
  • Download large email attachments quicker than ever
  • Make high quality video calls on the move

Throughout next year we will accelerate our 4G rollout and we plan to have 98% of the UK population covered by 2014.

And by the end of this year our fibre broadband service will reach 11 million households and businesses.

We will also offer a range of state-of-the-art devices to help our customers make the most of our superfast services.

The EE network
Today we have switched on the EE network. That means that from today – and over the coming months – our Orange and T-Mobile customers will begin to see their phone signal indicator change to EE, whether they are on 3G or 2G, showing that they are on the UK’s biggest and best network. We won’t charge them any extra and we won’t change anything on their existing price plans.

Orange and T-Mobile plans will still be available to everyone, and our existing customers will also be among the first to be given the opportunity to move to 4G with the new EE customer brand.

Service, everywhere
In our new EE stores, on the phones and online we have the best trained people in the industry – that’s you – and together we are going to revolutionise the UK communications market with a faster network and an exciting new brand for the digital age.

We believe that UK customers deserve better and with EE we’re going to give them the best.

So if you are on Orange or T-mobile then you’ll be on the EE network but your contract will still be with that network provider.  A question yet to be answered is what happens to those mobile network operators like Virgin mobile who will use the network when virigns own coverage is poor?

As of yet T-mobile, Orange and EE have yet to update their websites.  Orange and T-mobile have just updated their websites.  If you’re wondering how well their data packages compare right now, take a look at our articles covering The Best iPad Data Sim Deals and The Best Phone Plan for your iPhone

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