Remember the old Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple John Browett?  Good news everyone, he’s found work in these tough economic times over at high street retails Monsoon Accessorize.  This position probably suites his spreadsheet / bottom line of retail management than creating a shopping experience.

Just in case you forget things easily like me, Browett was on the board of directors over at Tesco (a brand of uk superstores) before he was ousted in a board room clean up.  Also on his resume is Dixons, that high street retailer that has all but failed.  Again Browett took his methodologies to that chain and ran it into the ground.

All Apple had to say about the not long appointed VP of retail when he “left” was

Additionally, John Browett is leaving Apple..

Thats it.  See the Apple PR Release Here

Good Luck John and don’t screw up again.  There arent many high street shops left.

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