It might be some time before Apple brings wireless charging to the iPhone but it’s a step closer to reality with Gecko. Gecko is a magnetic wireless-style charger adapter for iPhones and other devices.

It;s quite simple actually.  Gecko turns your lightning cable into a wireless power emitter with a small cap which goes on the end of end of the cable. For your iPhone you insert the receiver which then wraps around to the back of your device and voila. instant wireless charging.

Gecko Cable Gecko. Making Wireless Charging and Synching For Your iPhone A Reality

On the product page there is no mention of magnetic alignment between the two pads so if you are going to have to ensure a perfect fit for charging or synching you may as well plug in.

None the less for those wanting a geeky gadget the price point heads nicely towards the no brainer side of things.

Find out more on the Gecko Indigogo page.

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