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How To Leave A Podcast Review Using Your iPhone

Every week on the Essential Apple podcast you’ll always hear us mention to review or rate the show. We read them all out of course but it’s not too obvious on how you leave a rating for us. Here’s our simple guide on how to do just that.

  • Launch Apple’s Podcast app.
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  • Tap the Search tab and enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review (hint essential apple podcast 😀 ) and click search
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  • Tap the album art for the podcast, not the episode. Normally you’ll see the shows Podcast library at the bottom right of the screen. You’ll then be whisked into the place where you can leave a podcast review.
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  • Tap the Reviews tab.
  • Tap Write a Review at the bottom.
  • Enter your iTunes password to login if you aren’t already logged in. 
  • Tap the Stars to leave a rating.
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  • Enter title text and content to leave a review.
  • Tap Send.
  • Sit back and relax knowing you’ve made a podcaster happy.

How do reviews affect the iTunes listings? No one is really quite sure and seems to be in the lap of the gods. All that’s known is reviews and subscriptions really help the show climb the rankings, not that it’s all about the rankings we just love doing a podcast.

So there you have it, how to review and rate shows on your iPhone.. so you might as well leave one for the Essential Apple Podcast then hadn’t you 😀

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