Not entirely sure on the validity of this report as the stats do come from a mobile advertising platform on iOS. Apparently iPhone 5 users poured so much scorn upon iOS 6 purely because of maps a vast majority have waited to make the upgrade.

 The advertising company, MoPub, tracks 12,000 mobile apps and noticed a big uptick in ad impressions from iOS 6 devices following the launch of Google Maps last week. Data suggests traffic from unique iOS 6 devices jumped 29 percent in the five days after Google released Google Maps for iOS.

MoPub CEO doesn’t think this jump is random and attributes it to users who were waiting to update until Google Maps became available.

We observed since the launch of Google Maps for iOS 6 a 30 percent increase in unique iOS 6 users, and we think it’s related to Google Maps. It verifies the hypothesis that people were actually holding back to upgrade until Google Maps was available.

I love the words “we think”. Not exactly a confident and compelling statement which doesn’t take into account the holiday period, iPad mini sales and so on. Surely google would of pushed out something to say how many times Google Maps for iOS has been installed?

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