Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the new iPhone 6 I’ve still been up since 7 AM pressing refresh, waiting for the store to become live to place my order.

As much as I like the specifications of the iPhone 6 plus I really wish they had managed to squeeze in image stabilisation on its smaller cousin, the iPhone 6.

For me this product launch has been the most USA eccentric event from Apple yet.

Apple Pay on paper looks a brilliant idea, pretty much removing the need for a traditoinal wallet.  Sure Apple is getting a cut off the top and this could result in higher credit card charges down the line but surely that has to be offset with less people loosing their cards, passing a saving onto the banks quietly.

It’s just a shame this won’t hit the UK till sometime in 2015 and even then there’s not telling what adoption rates would be like.

NFC has been strongly adopted in the UK for the last 18 months. You can even going to a local pub and pretty much pay for a pint on your credit card using NFC as you go.

So as it stands right now purchasing an iPhone 6 with NFC capability is taking a leap of faith into the future and hoping that banks will adopt it as a standard.

There is of course the immediate advantage of a faster CPU and GPU but I’m still left wondering if developers have fully utilised version one of apples 64-bit processor let alone version 2.

iPhone 6 & Health kit

This really could be the sleeper feature and one where I really wish Apple had drilled further into.

Having just taken up cycling and running I would’ve liked to have knowing more about the barometer capabilities. Sure I guess it’s going to work fine with steps as that seems a logical combination of using the M8 processor along with the barometer but how well will it work cycling or running?

Enter a fingers crossed situation where I’d hope that the developers of RunKeeper and Breeze hit the ground running with versions of those apps updated for iOS 8 and iPhone 6.

Sure, I would’ve liked longer battery life on the iPhone 6 but I have to keep reminding myself this is a faster, slimmer phone overall and it still got the same battery life as my iPhone 5s and lest we forget powering a significantly larger screen.

So as it stands I’ve just placed my order for an iPhone where most of the major features aren’t available yet and truth be told it feels like a bit of a gamble.

Has Passbook Been Passed Over?

As example, really influences my choice of airline when ever I’m heading overseas. Sure it might sound elitist and you of course have to worry about keeping enough charge in your phone when you get to the airport but anything is better than trying to print something onto paper. (250 MB of printer drivers and bloatware aside).

Only time will tell and hopefully not all of that time will be spent by Apple working on the iWatch.

It’s not all doom and gloom however.

32 GB on my present iPhone 5s (on ebay) had been plaguing me with storage issues no matter what I did and so the 64 GB one was temping and the 5s that I’d wished I’d purchased to start with.

Now I’ve almost been forced to spend that extra £100 that I would of spent anyways.  So the phone that I wish I’d gotten storage wise I now have anyways along with a bigger screen and updates.  That doesn’t seem a bad deal to me.

Updated 12/09/11 @ 1300

Looks like the shipping dates slipping back. iPhone 6 now 7 – 10 working days with the iPhone 6 Plus 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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