Is BlackBerry the New Apple? You have to love just how much those “analysts” like to bag on apple. One mildly successful launch of a nothing special blackberry phone and Apple is Doomed.. Again.  This precious nugget of “insightfull” journalism comes from the Motley Fool who praises the rocketing rise of RIM, sorry BBRY stock prices as they rose from 13.02 to a dizzying 14.81 in the week of the Blackberry Z10 launch.

You know things are bad for a website when using such obvious link bait to drive home those pageviews.  To even put BBRY in the same realm as Apple is nonsense but that  stupidity was actually published at the Motley Fool.

If you want to be amazed at just how many ass hats can write poor, ill researched articles for gullable investors to believe, you can do that right from the iPhone.  Yes theres an app for that, installed on every iPhone, called Stocks.

1360009642 Is BlackBerry the New Apple?.. Umm.. No!

Now lets put this into context

1360020085 Is BlackBerry the New Apple?.. Umm.. No!

Same point in time but looking at Apple shares this time around.

1360020117 Is BlackBerry the New Apple?.. Umm.. No!

In what world is Blackberry the New Apple.  The Analyst world, that special world where “sources close to Apple” tease market analysts with predictions, manufacturing plans, bill of materials and more recently supply chain information.

All of which is useless when taken out of context of the bigger picture.  But let’s not let facts and common sense get in the way when trying to sell shares and proove your worth in the investing markets…

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