The Gadget Show’s very own apple fanboy, Jason Bradbury, declares the Microsoft surface is the iPad killer due to a better design and price point.  “surface is the iPad killer” Just when you think things can’t be any more blatant in the way The Gadget Show, show on Channel 5 here in the UK, is bought and paid for in advertising and sponsorship I present the following evidence.

Have both a traditional interface along with “the interface formally known as metro” is a good thing Bradbury goes on to discuss in an Interview with the sun.

Granted everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s just fine however… Isn’t it odd that Jason “ex Apple fanboy” Bradbury changes his tune as The Gadget Show is sponsored by Windows. Not Microsoft but windows.

GSL Christmas2012 Dates Windows Landscape 1024x240 600x140 Jason Bradbury surface is the iPad killer sponsored by windows.

Think it’s just him? Nope Pollyanna Woodward is just as bad finding the lamest of excuses to love the Galaxy Tab.  In this weeks rush to product place a gadget, viewers are treated to a segment telling  us all that we really need a stylus for the touch screen devices of today.  To nail this point home Pollyanna took a screen shot and then annotated it with a stylus.  You only have to watch the Gadget Show for a few minutes to see both presenters with an apple device for personal usage. Keep watching and sandwiched in those commercials are none other than Surface and Samsung tablets.

Believe me reviews on shows like this are bought and paid for in one way or another and no doubt you’ll see review sites that have a carefull bais to selected products.

Here’s some of the pr statements, sorry comments from his schilling, sorry interview.

“It also comes with a very innovative cover-slash-keyboard, which is one of the thinnest I’ve ever used. It’s only 3mm thick, and it really is exceptionally good.
“So what you’re getting is something that’s about the same size as the iPad, which is less expensive, has Office software, a relatively normal desktop operating system, and a keyboard.”
 “The iPad used to be elegant and beautiful, but now it’s a little bit dated as a design, it hasn’t really evolved a great deal.”

But to come out in favour of a gadget who just happens to be sponsoring a show and the gadget show live??  Surely this undermines the credibility of the presenter and the show itself. This brings me onto another problem with the great Gadget show is what is this shows identity trying to betray. It’s certainly not purveying itself as anything to do with consumer retail advice.

Oh come on…

Go and have a look at the proclaimed Gadget Supremos article at the

1354052466 Jason Bradbury surface is the iPad killer sponsored by windows.

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