logitechk750 586 250475 e1313592637458 Logitech’s K750 Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard


I do love the small Bluetooth apple keyboard but I’m not keen on batteries or the fact it doesn’t’ have a number pad.

The Logitech K750 steps up to the plate with the added feature of being solar powered.  This isn’t the first solar powered keyboard as, many years ago, I owned a Cherry keyboard that gave me many years of service till an unfortunate accident with a cup of tea.

It really does look that good btw even with the logitech logo emblazoned on top to let you know it’s not actually an Apple device.

Like the genuine Apple boards it’s packed to the rafters with the usual array of keys for brightness, volume, expose and mission control.

To allay battery anxiety, the logitech K750 comes with a free app to tell you how much juice is left and to let you know that it’s too dark for charging (i.e stop the late night browsing sessions).  The one downside is that this isn’t a bluetooth device so it will be taking up a USB slot for it’s wifi receiver for the keyboard.

The Logitech K750 Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard is available now from all good stockists (and the bad ones as well 😀 )

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