Remember Dixons? You might do as John Browett was group chief executive of the troubled electronics retailer Dixons until 2012 when he Moved to apple as senior vice-president of retail only to be kicked out some 6 months later?
Well they partnered with Carphone Ware house to bring a new MVNO to the uK in the form of iD

A Mobile virtual network operator is for all intents and purposes a resller of another mobile carriers offerings.

As an example GiffGaff is powered by the o2 network, Virgin Mobile uses the EE network, TalkTalk uses Vodaphone and theres more out there if you look for them

iD “aims” to be different by offering a unique 12 month only deal. Remember those before network operators felt the need to tie you down to 2 years? Well now we’re supposed to feel special with getting back 1 year contracts.

Interestingly iD offer Data only plans
£5.00 = 500mb,
£7.50 = 1GB
£12.50 = 3GB
£15.00 = 5GB
£20.00 = 20GB

no minutes, no texts, 1 month contract but there’s no mention, at least as far as I could see about tethering.

To compare Three are offering you a £20 sim on a 1 month contract with Unlimited data + 200 minutes.

Things get a little disingenuous when you look at the ShockProof and GoTo tarrifs with GoTo offering better value if only because ShockProof is a capped tarrif.

To keep track of your account details apps for Windows phones and Android are available at launch but strangely iOS is missing as are any Apple handsets on offer.

You can find out more over at

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