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Max OS X Lion Install – Incompatble Software Warning

With all the Broo haa haa that is going to be the build up to Lion installs world wide, we are one step ahead with our installation.

Taking just over an hour an a VERY cluttered Mac Book Pro 2009 model with 4gb the install went as smooth as I had hoped that it would do.

At the end of the installation we were presented with the warning of incompatible software.  So far this is MY personal list of apps that don’t work.

Gilmmer for safari
Billings for Mac (a Lion beta has just been released)

Adobe Reader plugins
are no longer compatible with Safari 5.1, with the Adobesupport website saying that Safari 5.1 replaces Adobe’s plugins and can render PDF documents natively.

Adobe is listing issues with Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. Apparently, some older programs will no longer run at all, such as Flash Builder and Catalyst which are listed as “will not work on OS X 10.7.” Adobe says it doesn’t plan on updating the programs to work on the platform.

Facetime is causing issues post installation now with it’s famous error message “The server encountered an error processing registration. Please try again later.”  There’s no true fix for this at the moment however we are keeping a close eye on this one.

and THATS it.  We have a guide here on how to truly check that your apps are Lion compatible but remember, Lion doesn’t come with Java runtimes so you may get some weird error messages about that.



If you come across any apps that aren’t Lion compatible please let us know via the Yell Us! at the top of page.



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  1. OSX Lion is now available to download from App Store… Well I got OSX Lion 10.7 installed and running. A couple nice improvements I can see off the bat but I’m sure I’m missing quite a bit more..

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