Apple seems to be heading yet another Class action suite with regards to iOS 7 crippling older iOS devices such as the iPhone 4 and 4s.

It what’s going to be another unpleasant class action lawsuit plaintiffs, in the case say Apples 7 month old mobile operating system had Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues that basically rendered their phones useless according the suit.

Filing once plaintive and class members downloaded iOS app and on their iPhones they were unable to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth because of the upgrade issues.  Members of the class action claim they could no longer access often free Wi-Fi and thus use data unnecessarily and/or incur data charges for all data used on their iPhone 4’s.  In addition plaintiffs and class members could no longer backup their device using iCloud wirelessly, download iOS, patches or the newest versions of iOS.  

Do they have the right to sue, sure but did they try hitting a Genius Bar?

The case was filed in California so one assumes there was an Apple store relatively close to at least one of the plaintiffs, or did they try backing up the iTunes via a USB then resetting the factory settings and copying the info back onto the phone, or are they tired of playing the lottery and thought they were try playing a different form of lottery instead?

According to the peace, plaintiff’s argue that Apple misrepresented iOS 7’s capabilities and misled customers into installing an update that left them with a device that no longer performed as advertised.

Yes it’s all part of Apple’s cunning plan to be sued yet again my more people.  Plaintiffs in the case are seeking $5 million in damages begging the question what Wi-Fi only communication where they expecting that they messed.

On a side note it wasn’t that long ago that Microsoft said their handsets would retain the ability to receive future upgrades but then swiftly dropped that idea.  Granted it’s a pain when stuff doesn’t work but if it’s causing bills and data usage wouldn’t the speed be a giveaway.  and it’s not like you don’t get a USB cable to get you out of this sort of situation.


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