There’s many way to stream full movies to your device for free. Popcorn Time was one and then PlayBox HD. PlayBox HD stopped working showing users a blank screen or crashing on start up but now it’s on the App store.

Yes I kid you not PlayBox HD is now on the app store for free and it will let you stream full movies if you know a little trick.

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When you launch the PlayBox HD app for iPhone and iPad for the first time, it will show you an assortment of movies and TV shows. Select any title and you’re ushered to the details page where you’ll find descriptions, trailers, and a buy option which takes you to the iTunes page of the title selected for purchase. But that’s not it. There is a hidden functionality in the app which when enabled can turn all the “Buy” buttons into free streaming and download option.

So you want to watch those moves for free. Here’s how to enable movie downloads for PlayBoxHD

1: Download the app from App Store here and launch it.
2: Tap on the Settings button as shown in the screenshot.

 PlayBox HD Download Released On App Store, Stream Free Movies Without Jailbreak

3: Now tap on Contact Us, which will then bring up a window through which you can mail the developer for activation request. Please note that the mail will already be populated with a bunch of device codes; DO NOT delete them as they are required by the developer for activation of the app.

4: After I submitted the form I got a rather awkwardly spelt email and I’ve no idea what the heck I;m supposed to do.  Apparently according to other sources its a question of waiting 24 hours for activation.

1425690784 thumb PlayBox HD Download Released On App Store, Stream Free Movies Without Jailbreak

(as of 24 hours later my first email was sent on the 5th march and I’m still not activated)

Just how long PlayBox hd is going to last on the app store is anyones guess but given how quick Apple is to pull any App with backdoor workarounds like SNES emulators and  the such it’s doubtful it’ll be around for ages.

And yes… it honestly is in the App store.

Updated 8th November

How to install PlayBox hd for iOS 9 / 9.1 without jailbreaking is now available as a walkthrough. From installing vShare market place, installing PlayBox HD to changing your DNS settings to allow streaming we have it covered.


  1. They tried running the same exact scam on me, Gary. I bit, or rather nibbled, only up until the time they wanted me to pay the talent agency they were going to have me work with out of a bogus check they sent me. I said, “Whaaaaattt?!” I don’t think so. Same story…Complex Media.

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