I love my iPad Pro despite Apple recently introducing a little brother at the recent ‘In the Loop’ event. However one thing I wasn’t so thrilled about with the Pro was the cost of some of the accessories. I can understand Apple expecting us to shell out for such items as the Apple Pencil and even for the Smart Keyboard but where I often find Apples charges becoming more than a little harder to swallow is the cost of their cases.

Fortunately, as is often the case, third party manufactures step into the market and fill many of the gaps Apple creates. It sometimes may take a little while for these items to make their way to market but that is usually due to the secrecy surrounding new Apple products and their form factors. However, when they arrive they are often well made and priced much more reasonably.

For example, the official Apple Pro Case is Silicone Case priced at £65. Of course that only protects the back of the iPad Pro, the Smart Cover will run you an additional £49. So for ‘just’ £114 your iPad Pro can be protected.

However, I use the term ‘protected’ fairly loosely for although the official Apple case will keep scruff marks from the device I doubt it will offer much real protection if you dropped your iPad Pro.

STM have produced DUX designed for iPad Pro. This is a rugged rubberised TPU case that passes the US military spec 810G drop tests. It has a translucent back allowing you to display any decals you might wish to stick on the back of your Pro. My favourite part of the case however is the Apple Pencil storage area located on the side. The official Apple case doesn’t have this basic feature and it’s greatly appreciated here to keep your Pencil handy and safe when carrying your iPad Pro.

img Review: STM Dux iPad Pro Case

The DUX also allows for the connection of both the Apple Smart Cover and the new Smart Keyboard. I can personally vouch that once the smart cover is connected the whole case looks pretty smart indeed.

Sectional cutouts around the case allow for the four speakers, the power button, volume controls and the camera.

If you are afraid of dropping your iPad Pro while out and about the DUX will certainly offer more protection than the official Apple case and at a lower price, with the added advantage of preventing you loosing your Apple Pencil.

See the DUX STM, Atlas and other iPad cases at the STM.com website

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