Always one to make the most of their time in the press, Samsung have commented on the serious on their flagship Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. The flaw lies with the exynos processor that Gives Users Data To Malicious Apps.

The exploit was discovered over at the XDA-Developer forums with the explot being classed as Kernel level and exactly what malware programmers love to play with. A kernel level problem gives access to the physical memory of the Galaxy s3 meaning no data is safe.

In a bold move Samsung have acknowledged this vuln, pledging to fix “as a matter of urgency”

Affected devices are those running on Exynos 4210 and 4412 processors. So if you have an LTE device and based in the USA, class yourself as being safe. Of course if you run legitimate apps from places like Google store you should be safe but as those with Android’s know, nothing is really monitored or safe when it comes to apps.

All this on top of Lookout Mobile Security estimating as many as 18 million devices could be affected by malware throughout 2013.

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