Did you know that Rhapsody was still around?  Well it is and it’s hit a significant milestone creaking up to 2 million subscribers for its premium services but it’s been a while.  It’s been a long road with a few turns getting there.

The service started in late 2001 just under 13 years ago with all that time it still took the addition of Napster and T-Mobile’s on radio Ted.  That 2 million mark 2 million sounds particularly paltry when one considers that spotify has 40 million users but here’s the thing those 40 million people don’t pay, not even half of them pay.

Spotify announced earlier this year that it had 10 million paid subscribers all that number is significantly larger than rhapsodies. Rhapsody still got a fifth of that both sets of numbers crushed a quarter of 1 million paid subscribers that beats have the end of May but it’s early days for that first, Beats just launched at the start of this year and second there’s no telling where Beats numbers will go once Apple is able to actually start doing something with the music streaming service.

Whatever Apple does do Rhapsody wants to be a horse in that race Rhapsody on Tuesday announced plans to expand its on radio service into Europe as well as expanding its Napster service in the Latin America those pushes are happening in conjunction with carrier partners similar to the T-Mobile on radio deal in the states.

Alas Rhapsody is USA only at the moment so if you click the link, it’ll take you to the USA App store.

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