Opinion for iOS is simply put, the best, easiest and simplest way to get into podcasting. Recording, hosting and publishing are taken care off in this free app which gets it’s best update ever. Statistics.

If you ever wanted to get into podcasting there can be a steep learning curve. Recording the audio, simple editing, hosting and then distribution of the podcast are all part and parcel of the game but Opinion for iOS manages to do all of this with ease.

The world’s only easy to use podcast maker. Record, edit and publish online for free – ready for Twitter, Facebook, iTunes Podcast Directory, and any listening app! We also give you a great homepage and an RSS-feed. Opinion also shares to SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, e-mail, iMessage and more…


Once you’ve gotten your podcast up on the internet then you’ll be wondering just how many listens you’re getting. If you go down the free route you can use Feedburner to look at how many plays your latest podcasting masterpiece might have.

Yet those stats are, well somewhat inconsistant, going up and down depending on where you publish your cast to. For example you might distribute your podcast via stitcher, spreaker, iTunes Tune-In etc.

No more wondering with the best update for Opinion, statistics. To see your podcast stats, provided Opinion was used for creation and distribution just head on over to yourpodcastname.madewithopinion.com

The only downside is that there;s no hiding on just how well, or embryonic your podcast might be as those stats are available to the public

Opinion Podcasts – Record, Edit & Share to Facebook, Soundcloud & Dropbox is available for both iPhone and iPad FOR FREE. There is an in app purchase to allow recordings over 10m for a paltry amount when you consider just how much podcasting hosting can cost.

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