This week it’s been my pleasure to go from guest to host and present this weeks Mac & Forth Show. We cover all news, reviews rumours along with Missy’s news round up which is worth listening to on it’s own.

I’m joined by the capable(ish) regulars that are Matt, Ric, Barry and joining us from the podcast is GazMaz. We pour over the latest Apple news, rumours, get sidetracked and Rick shares an interesting moment whilst “cycling”

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Neil Young Pulls Catalogue from “streaming” not just iTunes

The man who once recorded music onto 8 track tapes cites streaming music to be the worst quality ever and so pulls everything from streaming. What about streaming radio stations Neil?

Apple Music, Beats 1, iTunes and App Store Experiencing Issues During VMA Nominee Announcements

Proof that anyting to do with Taylor Swift and Apple will cause an internet sensation. During the VMA announcements of the awards on Beats Radio, Apple suffers yet another embaressing outage.

Spotify to provide a fresh personalised mix of music each week

Apple can’t innovate any more? Odd that the streaming giant that is Spotify suddenly implements a music recommendation, delivered to you each monday based on your listening habbits.

Apple Disables App Store Reviews From Devices Running iOS 9


Apple’s quarterly R&D spending soars past $2B mark for first time

More hirings for the Apple Car or is this simply a clever way to do some tax free accounting stuff?

Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction Hits 97%, Higher Than Both Original iPhone And iPad

“It was almost as if the farther away people were from tech or the tech industry, the more they liked the Apple Watch.”

Worth a Tweet:
Matt: Automatic. Monitor how well you drive your car
Barry: BioLogic Bike Mount Plus for iPhone – Weatherproof bike mountable case for iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c or iPhone 6 The Mac & Forth Show 065   The Mark & Forth Show
GazMaz: OlloClip Studio
GazMaz 2: Thunderbirds “Supersize Thunderbird 2 with Thunderbird 4” Action Figure The Mac & Forth Show 065   The Mark & Forth Show

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