Have to applaud Three with this move. Those of us travelling around the Euro zone are continually hit with massive data charges should we dare to check emails or updates etc. Three have introduced the Three’s Euro Internet Pass, unlimited browsing for just £5 a day whilst in the EU

Euro Internet Pass Tariff,
The good news is that the service will be available to customers on extended monthly contracts for £5 per day, and must be activated on a day-to-day basis.

Your day runs from midnight to midnight but even still if you set yourself up half way into the day thats still going to represent a heck of a saving.


How To Purchase The Euro Internet Pass

When you arrive in an EU country, Three will automatically send you a text link (free) to purchase the Euro Internet Pass and you can browse the Internet pass website for free BUT if you stray outside that site (email’s, twitter, game centre) and haven’t purchased a pass, you’ll be charged at the standard network rate of a whopping  £1.28 per megabyte.

“We think nothing should get in the way of you making the most of your holidays. That’s why we’re the only network to offer the Euro Internet Pass,” said Three in a statement.

“So you’ll be free to browse, tweet, update, upload and search away to your heart’s content.”

The Bad News
Looking to tether then your’e out of luck and the whole service was designed around internet browsing so streaming video may also be out of the question

Hints and Tips.
If you are going to browse and really want to cram the most out of data use the Opera Internet Browser.  Turn off Notifications BEFORE you arrive otherwise you’re going to get hit with data charges for you being tagged in a Facebook picture or something similar.

More information can be found at the Three Website or Directly on your mobile device

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