The tennis season is already in full swing. The action is under way at Roland Garros, with the French Open entering into its second week and Rafael Nadal is looking to pick up a record 10th title. Soon after, it will be time for the players to don their whites and head to SW19. Nadal, alongside Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Roger Federer, will again be among the contenders at Wimbledon and a look at his online odds gives an indication of his potential.

Tech may not be able to see into the future for certain and see who will walk away with tennis’ most celebrated silverware this summer, but it definitely can help you improve your own game. There’s a wealth of useful apps and kit on the market and we have rounded them up. Find out what we would recommend below.

Tennis Watch – Designed for Apple Watch
This is a simple app and promises to be extremely useful. It allows you to effortlessly keep track of your tennis scores in real time with just a few seamless taps. It won’t break up your flow, nor will it slow down your game.
Points are tracked by simply tapping the + or – button next to the relevant score. What’s really handy is the way that the app interprets this data, breaking it down into useful metrics, such as your service games winning percentage, or even the amount of break points you manage to save. These are essential for identifying flaws in your game and can show you where you need to improve.
Are you weak on your second serve? Do you crack under pressure and fail to convert break points? Now you’ll know.

Tennis Trakker Pro
Tennis Trakker Pro is a step up from Tennis Watch, but is less accessible, so is best used by coaches. This app allows extensive stats to be logged and broken down, providing an in-depth analysis of your game.
This is a professional grade app and is ideal for competing athletes who take their game seriously.

TennisTV – Live Streaming Tennis – Perform Group
This is the official streaming app of the ATP Tour. Why include it on the list? Because you can learn a lot from watching the pros in action. Look at the players who have the best forehands in tennis. Study their every move. Watch how they strike the ball and try to replicate it for yourself.

Adidas miCoach
MiCoach is the ultimate coaching app. It tracks stats through a bluetooth chip that can be placed in compatible trainers, tracking metrics such as speed and distance covered, presenting them in a lovely visual package.
The app has been endorsed by tennis pro Andy Murray and includes a tennis specific workout, as shown in this video.

MiCoach is accessible across iOS and also has browser support for checking details from a laptop or desktop. Apple Watch support is unconfirmed at the moment, but it would be awesome if it was implemented.

Zepp Tennis Analyser
The Zepp Tennis Analyser is an ingenious gizmo that allows you to monitor your shots. It tracks power and spin and can help iron out any kinks or inconsistencies that you may have with your shots.
Power is becoming more and more important in the modern era. Players are striving to hit the ball harder, and the Zepp will definitely let you work on this aspect of your game.
There’s some great tennis tech out there, ranging from simple apps to full blown gadgets. If you love the game and are also a bit of a digital geek, these suggestions will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Still, nothing’s a substitute for good, honest practise, but these will make sure you’re targeting the right aspect of your game.

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