Whilst writing this piece on the success of the iPhone leasing plan I just happened to stumble across this lovely headline courtesy of USA Today.  Apple Fails Yet again. Be warned people, Apple stock dropped below $110 per share since the first time in.. wait for it… 2 months…  Yup thats the disaster headline USA today are going with.

It pains me to read through this nonsense but I did learn a couple of interesting things.

Apple shares hit their high at $134.54. Dropping to $111 (at the time of writing) might seem like a huge drop but it’s what always seems to happen to Apple. We are at the end of the latest range of products release cycle hype. What with this old thing called Christmas coming around. Is that a surprise to anyone?

Comparing Apples to Oranges.

If you were going to compare a tech company like Apple to someone similar who would you choose? Another handset maker, another tech giant (microsoft up from 45.74 to 56.15 so far this year), or Sony? Nope instead it’s time to compare Apple to oranges and have Apple Square off against:

Netflix : 119.67, dropped to 118.51 and settling at 122.35
Amazon : 663.28, dropped to 659.91 and settling at 677.0

Then there’s THIS chart. My math is poor but if Netflix share price has only increased by around 3 points how do that equal 149% growth?

qhrllIS USA Today LinkBait Headline : Apple fails yet again: $123B vanishes

I just simply wish if you were going to compare Apple, compare them to direct competition and not pick and choose. Apple is still a bit player in terms of streaming services, web services and as we all know, it’s all about handsets for them.

Take a look at the article over at USA today.

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