Xcom 2 gameplay is started to leak out on the very popular Twitch.TV channel. If you’re interested in how the new Xcom is going to look head over to this channel before it’s potentially removed. The voice behind the gameplay seems to be Xcom expert BeagleRush who’s produced many YouTube videos but quite whether he’s breaking NDA by streaming a beta version of the game is anyones guess.

Some of the things revealed in the video. Warning spoilers ahead.

Xcom 2 is highly moddable and buildings take an age to construct especially in legendary mode. The video shows that with a simple hack build times are reduced so you can have a look at construction fully.

Xcom 2 Rewards your for construction

Xcom 2 build facilities XCOM 2 Gameplay Leaks on Twitch. Spoilers Ahead

Unlike unknown you get rewarded for excavating. Doing this gives you supplies for use with in the games. Once a room is excavated you’ll need to assign an engineer to get things moving.  Engineers can be assigned to any room in any order it seems. Also the deeper you excavate / construct the higher value rewards are offered up, such as Elerium.

Xcom 2 Boardgame

Gone is the planet of which we’ve become acusstomed to instead it’s a more board game style of play. Home base can be left in situ to gain intel which is the equvilant of scanning in Xcom 1.

You can catch the 12 hours of Xcom 2 Gameplay on Twitch.TV

Update 1st February 2015.

XCom 2 Now Streaming On Twitch.TV

Xcom 2 Streaming on Twitch 770x515 XCOM 2 Gameplay Leaks on Twitch. Spoilers Ahead

XCom 2 is due for release on February the 5th but it seems that 2kGames are happy for streams to stream before that date with a couple of NDA restrictions.

You aren’t allowed to stream the tutorials, the first mission of the game, the last 2 missions of the game and a particular alien who’s details have yet to be revealed.


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